As soon as we receive your order, we will intimate the concerned weaver about the same. Normally, the weaver will send the product to our site office the same day and it will be dispatched to you the next day. However, sometimes the weaver may still be in the process of finishing his work and may request some time to deliver the product to our office. In this case we will intimate to you the approximate day when it will be shipped. If you are not satisfied we will refund you the entire amount.


Shipping within India

Shipping is free for orders above Rs. 500. For all other orders we charge Rs. 150 for shipping.


International Shipping

For shipments to USA, shipping is free for orders above Rs. 10,000. For all other orders we charge Rs 1500 for one product or actuals, whichever is higher. Charges are dependent on the country of delivery and weight of the courier. Fractional weights are rounded up to the nearest kilogram. One silk saree usually weighs about 0.6 kg




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