How do you source the products?

We open weaver enabling offices in identified clusters. Our first enabling office on 22 Feb 2015 opened in Pochampally, near Hyderabad. So currently most of our products are sourced from there. Every month we will be opening an enabling office in a new cluster so keep checking us out for new additions to our stocks.


Do you buy products from Weavers and resell them?


No, we only enable the weavers to showcase their products. So we do not carry any stock of our own. This is the main reason why sometimes we may get delayed in shipping your order. In fact most weavers also do not carry stock. They look to sell their weave as soon as it is finished. Normally they sell to the neighborhood shop. We are providing them with an alternate route to sell their product. 


Why is my order not yet delivered?

Setting up a loom for a particular design is a very time consuming work. Typically a weaver makes a few copies (usually 5-7) of a particular design and then switches to a different one. We generally contact the weaver when he is setting up his loom for the first time and when the first specimen from the series is produced we showcase it on the website. If we receive the order before the weaver sells all the copies of the particular design, we can ship immediately. Sometimes it happens that final piece of a particular design is sold just before we place the order with the weaver, so we will be unable to supply immediately. Normally, we try and see if another weaver is weaving the same design and source from him or we ask the weaver to produce it again in which case delivery is delayed.


Your prices are not low enough why should I buy from you?

The prices we advertise on the website are indicated by the weavers themselves. So if the prices seem high to you it means that weaver has indicated those prices. You can feel satisfied that the price you pay is directly going to the weaver and not to any middleman. 

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